“I was actually just sitting down to watch a comedy one day to take my mind off of things that were stressing me out. I didn’t expect to gain much more than like a few laughs watching this movie – this one off experience. But I was actually really touched by a line in the movie and it reminded me of strength or opened my eyes to why it’s important to be strong. The movie was about a struggling artist and she was in theater and she was working with kids and she was talking to the kids about what they want to be known for. She asked these kids: “this is your one and only life, what do you want people to know about it?” This was really eye opening to me because I thought about all of these times when I struggle in situations with my family when I don’t want to talk to them and I don’t want to share any experiences about my life with them because I often don’t have much good to say about my life. It broke my heart to hear that sentence in that comedy because I thought about how much I had been avoiding that question and how weak I have been in that. I thought to myself that it is time to change something because I should feel empowered sharing what my life is about. Whether or not that brings me success or money or status – it is important that I should be excited to tell someone what my life is about. And deciding to change my life in order to have that conversation more openly made me feel stronger — even though it was framed around weakness.”

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