“What makes me feel strong are the twenty-four years that I have been in business – and it makes me feel strong that I’m a woman and I can do this type of work in a field that is  mostly dominated by men. I have sacrificed a lot of time and energy and a personal life for my business and having it work and seeing that I am finally being recognized in the industry on an international level and knowing that I can employ people and give them a livable wage – THAT makes me feel strong. I think all in all I worked really hard to get to a place where I’m very proud of what I do and and I enjoy what I do. It’s not really work, it’s more of a lifestyle and being in the studio and working and being creative and appreciated for it – it’s a wonderful life. Going to the job site yesterday when I saw the work we completed together on the project – after many months of working on it – I said to myself wow I did that – and that makes me feel strong.”

*Kathy is a master craftswoman, who is world renown for her skills in employing the scagliola technique, which is a technique of creating architectural elements that are indistinguishable from marble  – using industrial plasters and silk.”

you can can view her work at: http://scagliola.com/about-wells-vissar/

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