One thing that I have done in the past and still continue to do that makes me feel strong inside is creating and accomplishing goals. I think after several break ups and heart breaks, including losing my grandmother and aunt in the same year, I realized setting goals and working towards them has helped me feel stronger inside. To accomplish something after a tough time is like opening a new chapter in my life. I remember a time when I thought I was about to lose everything. I went into a deep depression for a month or so. One day, I woke up and started creating goals for myself. Within that year, I graduated college, built my career in the corporate industry and in the modeling industry. So now a days, when things don’t go according to plan in my life, I use my goals as a way out, a way to mend wounds and a way to feel more alive.

I think the message that I really want to bring to others is that, you just have to keep pushing yourself to become a greater you. It could be small goals like finally visiting that city you’ve always wanted to see or applying to the job you’ve always wanted. To just take that first step and know you’ve finally tried will always make you feel stronger than ever. It’s like you’ve faced your fears and jumped.

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