“Music has always been my main love. During high school when I was awkward, too skinny, and just plain old weird in the eyes of my peers I put all my creativity into writing and practicing. This caused much heartache between me and many of my friends and people that I love because I had to be selfish with my time in order to pursue my goals. It really isn’t easy sometimes. I decided to pursue music seriously after a depression in high school when I felt I wasn’t being my true self. I was a cheer leader and hanging out with people who didn’t treat me nicely. But being in a small Catholic school I just hung out the whoever was there. Music lifted me out of the depression and I kinda said “fuck it” (excuse the language 🙂 ) and decided to go for it and pursue music more seriously. When I play guitar and sing I feel relieved. I feel best when writing music though as this is how I can show the darkness, heartache, and happiness I experience

I spent last summer as an actor in Philadelphia studying at the prestigious Playhouse West. I loved it and accelerated rapidly at the craft of acting. Within a few weeks I was attending film festivals, was in two films, did a bit of modeling, and got a role in a play. I met amazing friends that I still have. However, what acting taught me was to listen to my soul. Although I love acting and really hope to get into the business eventually, my soul told me to leave and do music. Although I was naturally talented in acting, it wasn’t my main objective. I am now studying sound engineering, interning at a recording studio, performing live at open mics and nursing homes, and working on an undisclosed project to be released by this summer.” 

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