*A side note on Jen’s story: I first met Jen over ten years ago when she cut my hair while working in someone else’s salon.  Later, she continued to cut my hair in yet another salon – owned by someone else — but NOW she owns her OWN successful salon. I love seeing talented women taking charge and making things happen.

“Being a hairstylist for the last 20 years, I’ve met so many amazing people. As much as my job requires putting a smile on my face and pretending everything is ok in my own personal life, the compassion I feel for others and the ability to make their day better makes me realize I do make a difference in this world.

When I made the decision to open my own Salon 7 years ago, no one told me how hard it would be or the challenges I may face. My family, friends, and clients were so excited for my new journey. The fact that everyone believed in me gave me the strength to start a business. So after collapsed ceilings, plumbing failures, electrical fires, and the fact that 15 human beings rely on me to support them professionally and financially….I stand taller than before.

I would try to envision how the perfect Salon would be in my eyes, the location, employees, and most importantly the way our clients would be treated and the quality of our work. Everyday I look around and see this! I’m so grateful for everyone who had believed, supported, and trusted my vision. This makes me feel empowered and drives me to overcome and look forward to whatever the future may bring.”

Jen is the owner of Crimson Hair Studio :



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