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“I am strong, but I haven’t always been an agent in my own life. I was born with wanderlust- always trying to escape with my head in a book, dreaming about going all the places I was reading about, but it was hard to find the impetus to get going anywhere. I was always waiting for the right time, for the right place to call home, the right destination. I waited through a few jobs, a few moves, and a few boyfriends. Through a marriage and a divorce. Through struggling to pay the rent, and then again through finding career success. And then I got tired of waiting. 

I have a masters degree in early European history, and had never been to Europe. I know it seems really trivial, but this was something that meant a lot to me for a lot of reasons; I wasn’t going to let another year go by without getting there. In a moment of courage, I booked myself a flight to Paris that landed on my 30th birthday. The moment I walked into view of the city, I knew I’d never wait again. For the right guy, for the right job, for the right anything. I became a catalyst for action in my own life. Instead of waiting for things to happen to me, I decided I’d be the one to make them happen. And what a journey it has been! Of course I’ve made mistakes along the way, but in the two years since I promised myself I’d stop waiting and start putting myself out there, I’ve met so many new and interesting people that I now call close friends, been promoted twice, and been blessed to be able to travel all over. Sometimes by myself, and sometimes with friends or partners, but I know now that I am strong enough to go it alone. This coming year I’ve already booked three trips that will take me all over the globe, and I have no idea if anyone will join me or not! And there is so much strength in knowing that I am truly equally excited either way.

At 32, my life isn’t at all what I imagined it would be, but I’ve learned that it never really is, and there is so much joy and beauty in embracing that.”

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