“Girl Power Club”


I recently met with a group of young girls enrolled in the “Girl Power Club” at my neighborhood community center.  I asked each girl to answer the strength question, which is “what have you done in the past or what are you doing now that has made you feel strong inside?”

  • Rachel and Maya both felt strong after switching schools. They were initially scared, but said that a friend had done it – so they knew they could, too! And it all worked out in the end, which made them both feel good.
  • Chloe told me that she watched women in the Olympics running marathons. She felt inspired to run and so she decided to run in her first school race. She said she cried and got worked up about it, but kept going anyway. She told me that she overcame her fear and that even though she did not win a medal, she was proud of herself for finishing.
  • Desiree was scared to go on a roller coaster but did it anyway.
  • Both Lucy and Rosalyn were scared to go on stage but they did it anyway and then felt good about themselves afterwards.
  • Wren said that beating her brother in pillow fights made her feel good.

While speaking with the girls, I was struck by how similar some of their answers were to many answers I’ve  heard from grown women. Often times, it all comes down to facing your fears and doing what you are afraid to do – regardless of the voices in your head.

*For this photograph, I asked the girls to show me a powerful face! I think they did an awesome job! They look fierce!


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