“I grew up in homes full of people but my childhood felt pretty lonely. Although I lived with family they weren’t my family. I didn’t really belong to them the way a child belongs to their mom and dad. I knew everyone was doing the best they could by me, so I never wanted to be much of a bother. Plus I got really good at being alone. I could spend hours playing by myself and I kind of liked it that way.  I would imagine myself in a place where I could hang my thoughts and keep them safe. The fear of being judged kept me from ever airing them out. This took up a lot of mental space and made it hard for anyone else to get inside. I guess I was hard to figure out since I rarely revealed myself to anyone.

I existed like this for quite some time. Up until a few years ago, there were only two people I’ve ever trusted with my thoughts, my sister, and my husband. Something changed though when I started making my floral inspired fossils. My art helped me find me, even through all the clutter.  I started to gain a confidence that I’ve never had before. My art process is repetitious and therapeutic.  It smooths out any mental disturbance I might have. It’s like a workout for the mind and I leave feeling mentally refreshed. Finding my true self made me want to face the world rather than hide from it. I now use my gift to give me the strength to be open.  And by being open I’m free. I have no secrets anymore taking up mental space. My mind is no longer weighed down my mental chatter, now it’s stronger than ever.”


Ronni makes gorgeous “floral fossils” that are light, lush odes to all of the delicate details and nuances found in flowers.

You can view her work on her website:

She is also on Instagram @iamronnicole

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