“Going for long rides on my bike give me the most strength.  The feeling I have after completing a 50 or 60 mile ride is amazing. At that moment I am unstoppable (until the tiredness from the ride kicks in. ).  When I am riding I know it’s only me who controls my fate for the ride. No one else can do it for me, no one else is going to get me back home if I ride too far away or get a flat. I am completely on my own and I have the strength to work through what the road throws at me. 

Cycling is very emotional for me.  I have never had a good relationship with my father, the older I got the worse the relationship got.  He always bragged that he and a friend rode from Philly to A.C. on their bikes as the toughest achievement in his life. A few years ago I finally got help to work through the mental issues I was left with growing up. One of the ways I wanted to work through the pain of the past is to prove to myself that I am stronger than him and could excel at anything that challenged him. So two years ago I did my first ACS Bike-a-thon riding from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, raised some money for a good cause, and beat his achievement. I have since completed the event again and will be attempting to complete yet another time it this year.”

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