Ashley C.


“The day I told my corporate job that I was starting my own business was a memorable day for me, where I felt strong and empowered. I did not want to sneak around, and I wasn’t in a position to leave in that moment. But, it was important to me that they knew I would be taking this on. I had learned a lot from that job, and enjoyed the people I worked with. It was just time for me to see my dreams become reality. It was time to stop taking on the extra projects in hopes of a promotion I didn’t really want, and to focus my extra energy on starting a business I’d been dreaming of for a long time.

I hadn’t planned on telling the company for some time, but that morning I had to go to my corporate office (normally I worked from home), and a feeling washed over me that I should just do it right now. I walked confidently into the HR office, asked the available HR personnel to speak privately, and I heard the words come out of my mouth: “I want you to know that I am starting my own business.” The conversation continued with the reasons I believed this would not interfere with my current position. I explained that I’d like to establish an open line of communication, so that as my business grew we could discuss the potential for more flexibility with my work responsibilities and that ultimately I may step down.  A year later I resigned from that position, and I felt supported in this decision. 

I left that meeting with my chin up and a natural high. A veil had been lifted. I wasn’t having to keep this new adventure I was about to embark upon a secret any longer. I felt a sense of control over my career that I had never felt before. Even when I shared with friends about this day, I had moments of shock that I’d really done it; that I had told the company where I worked full-time that I’d be pursuing my own business. In the past, I had been laid off multiple times due to budget cuts, both as a teacher and as a marketer. These negative experiences had left me exhausted, and this corporate job had offered me stability I’d not had in previous positions. To take my career into my own hands, and do something brave like pursue my wildest dreams when I had something safe, was and still is one of my proudest moments.”


Ashley is the owner of Crystal Palette Management, A Management Company for Emerging Artists.

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