“The act of loving oneself sometimes takes more strength than the act of loving others. Each day I have to make a choice to ignore the voice in my head that says I am not good enough, that I am not worthy of love, or that I don’t deserve to be happy. For years I listened to that little voice and lived in a place of severe depression. I had moments where things would seem normal on the surface but deep down I was always depressed. And for long periods the depression would become so severe that I would isolate myself, not eat, loose my days to sleep, and just sink into a dark place.  That voice cost me lost opportunities because I didn’t believe in my ability, it caused me to be stuck in destructive relationships because I didn’t think I deserved to be valued and respected, and made me loose friendships because I didn’t believe I could be loved. The day I decided to finally get help and go to therapy changed a lot for me. Acknowledging that I needed do something to change my life and that I needed help with it was a HUGE SCAREY thing. I thought that if I reached out for help that I was a failure and I should be able to solve this by myself. But that was the same negative thinking that had created the situation I was in. Therapy put me on a path where I was able to develop ways to tune out the voice and to reframe how I look at myself. However, that ability to ignore that voice took years of effort and work, and each day is still a struggle but I wake up choosing to love me.”

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