“I come from a poor community in Puerto Rico and I come from a lot of rejection and pain and suffering. I have been in Philadelphia since 1991 and I am now a candidate for priesthood in the Episcopal Church, and I will be the first Latino to ever be ordained for priesthood in Pennsylvania. I was a women who suffered abuse mentally, physically, and sexually but it has made me stronger and now I stand for others who feel they have no way out. I help them to stand up and to speak of the injustices they endure. One way I have done this is through Mothers Mission, an advocacy group that I have been directing for over fifteen years. When I meet abused women I let them know that I see them and if they are beaten down my goal is to make sure they will rise again as a beautiful flower. I make sure the news seeds I impart in them are seeds of love, self worth, and self esteem – to stand up and not be afraid of speaking the truth. Mothers Mission is lifting women and men up. We want to protect them and to let them know they are of worth. Mothers Mission has expanded from Philadelphia to Chester PA, to Puerto Rico, and to Atlantic City.

I have helped to organize an Inter Faith Peace March which will take place on May 4th in Philadelphia. It will start at B Street and Allegheny Ave. at 11 AM. The goal is to bring people together in communities that have been hit hard by homicide and other crimes.”

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